Increased Utility Rates Affect the Prices of Everyday Goods. Sustainable Energy Includes the Efficient Use of Existing Facilities and Materials. Reliable Water Supply Plays an Important Role in the Desert. We Must Have Reliable and Affordable Utilities, Jobs Depend On It. Arizona Has the Ability to Be the World's #1 Producer of Solar Energy Just Because Utility Rates Increase, Doesn't Mean Social Security Checks Do. We Need Reliable Energy, That We Can Count On. Your Vote Will Determine What We Pay For Gas, Water, and Electricity. High Cost of Energy May Force You To Make Hard Decicions. The Price We Pay For Energy Affects Our Economy and the Wellbeing of Arizona Families. Arizona Needs Energy Sources With a Proven Track Record of Success. For Some, Reliable Energy Is a Matter of Life and Death. Arizona Needs a Balanced Energy Portfolio. Low Energy Prices Are Good For Families and Good For Arizona.
About Tom Forese and Doug Little
Tom Forese has a distinguished record of accomplishment at the Arizona legislature. Representative Forese is Chairman of the Commerce Committee which plays a crucial role in economic development and job creation. He also serves on the critically important Appropriations Committee.

Tom has been actively involved as an executive in both business and educational organizations. This experience has prepared him well for the highly technical and demanding responsibility of a Corporation Commissioner. He knows what it takes to create jobs, and understands the importance of low energy rates, as they are essential to economic growth and the creation of quality jobs.

Tom is a devoted husband and father. Casey and Tom Forese are the parents of four children and live in the southeast valley.

Tom is committed to making certain that Arizona has a bright and prosperous future for all of our residents. He is a proven leader we can trust.
Doug Little has had a long and impressive career in the computer software industry. Throughout his career, Doug has been involved with companies delivering cutting-edge solutions that provided major innovations in database, software development and web-based technologies.

Most recently, he was Vice President, North America Sales for Micro Focus International, a leading software vendor to Fortune 100 companies. During his software career he spent over fifteen years working on software and construction management projects that were directly related to the development and management of energy production facilities.

Doug is a strong consumer advocate that has worked to develop more effective operations that resulted in lower prices and more efficient methods of delivering gas, water and electricity. The combination of management skill, business acumen and deep appreciation of how technology can be used to find innovative solutions uniquely qualifies him for the important duties of the Corporation Commission.

He is committed to keeping Arizona's national and worldwide leadership position as one of the cutting-edge pioneers in emerging power generation technologies. Doug has long advocated for a balanced energy portfolio that utilizes all of our energy resources. His desire is to find the most cost effective way to provide clean, reliable, affordable energy to the businesses and people of Arizona.

Doug, his wife, Linda and his daughter, Micaela live in the northeast valley and have lived in Arizona for over 15 years.

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