Increased Utility Rates Affect the Prices of Everyday Goods. Sustainable Energy Includes the Efficient Use of Existing Facilities and Materials. Reliable Water Supply Plays an Important Role in the Desert. We Must Have Reliable and Affordable Utilities, Jobs Depend On It. Arizona Has the Ability to Be the World's #1 Producer of Solar Energy Just Because Utility Rates Increase, Doesn't Mean Social Security Checks Do. We Need Reliable Energy, That We Can Count On. Your Vote Will Determine What We Pay For Gas, Water, and Electricity. High Cost of Energy May Force You To Make Hard Decicions. The Price We Pay For Energy Affects Our Economy and the Wellbeing of Arizona Families. Arizona Needs Energy Sources With a Proven Track Record of Success. For Some, Reliable Energy Is a Matter of Life and Death. Arizona Needs a Balanced Energy Portfolio. Low Energy Prices Are Good For Families and Good For Arizona.
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